Monday, October 5, 2009

3rd (and 4th) Weigh-In

I missed Friday...I was on my way to a seminar and completely forgot about weighing in, so I got on the scales a week later and weighed in at 88.4 kg (194.9lb), 36.5%fat. I thought this was quite amazing as I couldn´t uohold my eating plan during the seminar weekend but I did stick to healthy foods and portion sizes and I didn´t eat after 6pm. I have changed my plan a little - I am now having a roll with cheese or ham and avocado/tomato or capsicum for breakfast with a honey-soy latté. The rest of the day is the same, vegetable soup for lunch, a shake mid afternoon and a protein meal in the evening.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd Weigh-in

I had a day in the middle of the week when I was feeling really down as I had stepped on the scales and seen that my weight hadn´t shifted and I wanted to give up immediately. That my positive outlook could be shattered within seconds really caught me by surprise. I spent the day feeling negative and moaning to myself, not wanting to look in the mirror and just going through the motions. But I didn´t go of track with my eating - I didn´t want to come here and write that I had thrown in the towel. The next day I felt a lot better and swore to myself that I would stick to the weekly weigh-ins and not be tempted to step on the scales other than on Friday morning. This morning I weighed in at 88.9kgs (195.6lbs) with 36.5% fat. So that´s a loss of 1.7kg (3.7lbs) and 1% of body fat gone too! I´m so glad I have started recording this journey here, even if no-one´s reading it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going well after the shopping on Saturday and a lazy day at home didn´t throw me off. I feel like some stronger force is supporting me, keeping me on track. I enjoyed my smoothies and vegetable soups and on Saturday I had my weekend meal, a dóner kebab - pita bread with salad, savoury sauce and turkey meat.
To make a fruit smoothy I take 100g of a creamy fruit like peach, banana, kiwi fruit or mango and add a cup (250ml) of skim milk or soy milk and 2 tablespoons of joghurt and mix. The afternoon smoothies are with 1 cup of apple, carrot or orange juice, 100g of fruit such as pineapple, grapes or strawberries and 2 tablespoons of joghurt or buttermilk, all mixed together. When I feel like a coffee I mix a small cup of coffee with a cup of vanilla soy milk. I find all the smoothies delicious - no added sugar required.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday:first weigh-in

90.6kg = 199.7lbs
37.5% fat
I´m feeling great, full of energy and on the right track.
I make sure to have a meal every 4 hours so my hunger doesn´t get too big. I felt satisfied yesterday after my morning coffee smoothy, a pumpkin (squash) soup for lunch, a fruit smoothy in the afternoon and grilled chicken skewers with cucumber slices and steamed carrots with tomato salsa in the evening. I felt more satisfied than I usually feel after eating a lot more of the wrong foods and my guilty concience is standing quietly in the corner.
So basically, that´s my plan : smoothy for breakfast and afternoon snack, vegetable soup for lunch (a lot more satisfying than I thought!) and a protein + vegetable meal in the evening.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tomorrow has arrived!

Something has shifted, I know what I have to do.
Here´s my action plan for each day;
2 smoothy meals + 1 soup meal + 1 protein meal (veges or salad + meat/fish/cheese/eggs)
2 ltr. of water
15min. of yoga in the morning from Monday to Friday
20min. of other exercise during the day (walking, bike riding, swimming)
I´ll weigh in every Friday.
One meal on the weekend can be whatever I feel like eating.

I feel like I´m riding a wave!